Have blackheads? Use this.

Heard of a blackhead removal product or technique? Chances are, I’ve tried it. Never has more research and testing effort been put into finding a solution that will rid my skin of the gunk that refuses to part with my pores. And never has a product or technique worked as magically as Dr. Jart+ Pore Penetrator. This miracle serum-type product goes on smooth and removes blackheads as effortlessly as the product description says it will. It’s more effective than most blackhead removal strips but much kinder to your skin. My sensitive skin thanks the wizards at the Dr. Jart labs.

Note: The instructions recommend keeping the product on for 5-10 minutes but for best results, I would suggest letting it work its magic for around 15 minutes while you take sip on your drink of choice in anticipation of your newly polished skin.

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